Better To Kill Than Listen To This

by Intense Hammer Rage



released September 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Intense Hammer Rage TAS, Australia

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Track Name: Eeeuuw What's That Goo?
Necrophagia as I lay with her
Horrid and heading for my grin
Missing my mouth grotting my chin
She’s a hideous beast such a grandeous feast
So fucking fat how I love that
A goddess a dead one I worship at her bum
Pink bits seem green three holes none clean
In all I’ve been
Tounging mould between her flesh folds
Crust between toes sucking on those
Play with shit mix with spit paint with it
Eeeuuw whos goos who? and where starts the spew?
She’s liquescent and putrescent
Obese flabby deceased scabby
Bloated and fine hairy and mine
Rotting and wet ready? get set
Squeeze knead fuck feed
Squeezing kneading fucking feeding.
Track Name: Reach Out And Cut Someone
It felt like a sting in out in out in and then out twisting
(Reach out and cut)
Bumped into not a clue who stabbed you
Suddenly weak blood at your feet
Limbs like lead white shirt red
Falling down don’t quite see
In a crowd who stabbed me
Looking at the sky I see birds in flight
I watch till a shadow obscures my sight
A victim is what I’ve become
Reach out and cut someone
Glint of sun on the blade as the knife archs
Somewhere in the distance a lone dog barks
I’m hearing the wet sounds of steel in skin
Must be bad because I don’t feel a thing
People walk past as I breath my last.
Track Name: LSD And An Uzi
Mr. Uzial Gal made me a gun
Happiness is this the Beatles once sung
Acid and an auto promise of fun
The bullets will fly and people will die
Loaded clip and a trip psychotic
L.S.D. and an uzi
Christmas time packs the mall
and I will kill them all
Going out today to paint the town red
Heavily drugged up and fucked in the head
Drugs and guns
Make my way into town happy people are all around
P.A. plays jingle bells I stand amongst many spent shells
Singing to the richochet as I slay
Seeing things not there shoot them anyway
Soon I will feature among the pages of history
Most killed in the least time you will see a picture of me
Bang you’re dead so my gun said
Points at you bad things insue
Dancing to the staccato fire
Me and the kill count both get higher
Please they say shoot me
Then dead they smile at me
Like any killer they all always knew
Endless fantasies while nice just won’t do.
Track Name: An In Jail Tale
That night shock of my life
Him and my loving wife
I just happened to see
That fucking bitch cheating on me
They drove about
Followed them to his house
waited until the lights went out
Soon I'm inside his place
The look on her bitch face
Petty pleas did no good
They just spurred me onward
Tore flesh and broke bone
With strength feral and unknown
It was murder near beserk
I went to work
Bleeding it killed him
From the loss of limb
Killed her just with that
Swung it like a bat
I caved in her head
And then they were dead.
Track Name: I Couldn't Explain The Torture
When the police came I could not explain
The victims condition
I stated that he tried to hurt me
Broke in late last night
Fought for my life
They say explain why he’s been maimed
Gnawed toes and finger tips
Look at him he’s crying
Is that blood on your lips?
Your neighbours heard a scream
Thought it you they called me
Now we’re here asking you what the fuck did you do?
Drills and screws both been used
It’s just plain wrong could be words for a sick song
Hammer there blood and hair
Green potato peeler found little bits of flesh around
Fingers mixed among the gore pliers nearby on the floor
We found multigrips near your bed no teeth left in his head
A broom handle slick and stained brown
Doesn't look good for you now his pants are down
So now do tell please miss
Are you the one to blame for all this?
Track Name: The Taste I Left In Your Mouth
You throw up on your wife and kid
As you hear what a sick man did
On the t.v. shocked to the core you’re watching me
In their report a killer caught
Things were found at my place
Colour drains from your face
you have stayed (the taste) your kid played
When I cooked (the taste) you partook
People were killed inside
Food made from those who died
The taste I left in your mouth
They just said “feeding the living the dead”
The corpses all exhumed incomplete
Most of the evidence made to eat
Reporter states ten dead at this time
Body parts pots and pans found inside
you sit there in handcuffs bits are bagged
I spew as I'm watching cookware tagged
Mr. Peter Miller a serial killer
A friend a fiend grins on screen
Body count now in the high teens
Half chewed fly blown flesh bags and bags of mess
Always having people to tea I wish one wasn't me
(then they take) I watch as they take
(you away) you far away
(the taste in) the taste lingers in
(my mouth and) my mouth and stays.
Track Name: Killed Two Birds And Only I Was Stoned
Isn’t like me but possible it’s appearing
more and more that I might have done
I’m covered in gore drenched in blood
And now I see that both of my hands hold a gun
Shot Fri. dead Sat. Becky and Nat
A blonde and a red head full of holes clearly dead
Keep pulling the trigger
Mushroom season loss of reason
Killed two birds and only I was stoned
Keep pulling the trigger
Aroused I get bigger
Meat splattered here I stand
Smoking gun in each hand.
Track Name: Ballad Of A Burn Victim
Stabbed cut salted stitched up
Tied up doused set alight put out
Firstly there’s blood then add the flame
And then there’s more, more of the same
A ballad for the burnt
Roughly sandpapered then methylated
Elbows and knees flayed drip with pepper spray
Down my neck run both my ear lobes
Onto my peeled palms drips my nose
Heated needles pricking my skin
Then an oxy torch does it’s thing
Fluids are sizzling piss & blood melting skin
Hot pliers cigarette lighters
Subjected to all three degrees
Slowly quickly and instantly
I watch blisters form swell and pop
Skin slackens and slowly sloughs off
I know it’s me not thinking straight
But the cooking meat smells great.
Track Name: Things Done Behind Closed Doors
Ding dong avon calling
Come in dear it’s pouring
Freezing and wet (place your bet)
I don’t think twice (roll the dice)
He seems normal and nice
Door is locked trapped inside
So I run try to hide
As I flee now I see signs of death dried and fresh
I hear him he’s coming
Frantic inside a monsters lair
Chunks of meat displayed everywhere
Bits are hung feet hands arms and legs
make up on severed heads
I choose a room it’s so dark I can’t see
I should have known that you’re in here with me.
Track Name: The Reward I Think Will Be The Dead
Not insane nor deranged so normal in fact I’m plain
My name’s Nick and I’m not sick I’m not sad nor am I bad
I have a high regard for human life
I don’t beat my children or bash my wife
I’m a good man and continue to be I will
It’s just one day don’t know when but I plan to kill
Never wet the bed no blows to my head no urge unfed
I have no sick desires don’t have a thing for fires
I don’t feel unloved I don’t drink or do drugs
Don’t come across weird I’m not to be feared
Never cruel to any pets or to people....well not yet
Happy child mellow mild
I was not abused or wrongly used
Asymetrical ears not here
I don’t hate gays because I’m queer
No toes longer than the other
Don’t want sex with mother
There’s no way you could understand
It will happen for years I’ve planned
It’s that simple I will I am
Not a girl (don’t wear pink) In a man
Gory stuff (blood and guts) not a fan
I just will (going to) because I can
See a redneck anyone ? don’t expect it to be fun
But I will before I’m grey soon maybe but not today.